We take a different approach than most interior designers to transform your home into a creative expression of your style. We strive to incorporate an unexpected dash of originality that goes far beyond a pretty backsplash or fancy finish. Incorporating architectural elements and contrasting details, we create an innovative focal point that gives your home wow appeal.

Let’s give your home more flair.


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She’s so knowledgeable and organized and provides detailed, step-by-step books to minimize any installation errors. Megan remodeled the bathroom in my 1930s Spanish Casita-style home and then my kitchen the following year. She did all the legwork, bringing me samples or meeting me at stores to show me specific options. She wouldn’t settle until she found the perfect quartzite slab for my countertops. My kitchen looks like it’s right out of a sophisticated design magazine. Megan is able to express my tastes in a way I could never do, and work within my budget. If you want beautiful and functional spaces in your home, I highly recommend working with her.”

“My contractors love working with Megan!

We’ll spend a lot of time early on getting to know your aesthetic and lifestyle so that we can pick up quickly on the design elements you’ll love — and advise you what you’ll likely get bored of in a couple of years. 

Design Conception

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We’ll explore your creative options together — and not settle until we’ve found the perfect design elements to express your style. We’ve streamlined our process to minimize showroom visits, pre-delivering and curating samples for you based on our collaborative design meetings. 

Design Development

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After incorporating your feedback into our design concepts, we’ll assess pre-gathered bids and investment spreadsheets together. You’ll have complete control over your final material selections and hiring decisions. We offer knowledge and guidance while staying completely unbiased throughout the process.

Final Design

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Once we finalize finishes and material selections — and we’ve got the right contractors on board — it’s time to execute your design! We’ll present the final drawings at our pre-construction meeting with a detailed specification binder, so you get the exact look we discussed in our design meetings.

Design Implementation

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When your builder needs our input on grout color for tiling, or you want us to oversee a cabinet installation to make sure it’s done according to exact specifications, we’re on it. From assembly and on-site visits to delivery and inspection, we manage your home’s transformation from start to finish.

Design Completion

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How We Flow

Discover your home’s comfort and profit potential with a working design meeting. Megan will do an initial home and lifestyle assessment. Then you’ll receive a room-by-room roadmap with creative concepts for improving the look and function of your space based on your tastes and functional needs. You’ll be able to take this resource document and run with it or bring m studio interior design on board to take your vision all the way!

Design Jam Sessions

Whether we’re splashing your style on a blank slate or giving an awkward layout better flow, we’re here to take you from creative concept to “I can’t believe this is my home!” We ease collaboration between you, architects, builders, and tradespeople, so your home’s transformation looks even better than imagined. Bring us on to manage your project, investment, and timeline, and provide detailed guidance that minimizes delays and installation errors.

New Builds & Remodels

We give outdated spaces those modern feels with minimal structural changes, creating bold environments that inspire you to live vibrantly. Whether we’re refreshing light fixtures and finishes, creating an optical illusion to make your space feel bigger, or furnishing an entire home, we bring innovation to every detail. We’ll breathe fresh life into your space and give you a home that you’re excited to show off. 

Residential Interior Design

Our Jam


She transformed our master bathroom into a spa-like experience, gave our boring powder room a dramatic facelift that everyone compliments us on, and also worked with me to create a more beautiful and interesting kitchen that feels light and bright. Beyond listening to and interpreting our feedback well, I could always count on her for unbiased advice and strategic guidance on how to make my design investment go further. She came up with creative ideas I would have never thought of on my own and connected us with highly skilled, trustworthy tradespeople. I’m so thankful we had Megan to help us navigate all the COVID obstacles and delays we ran into during our project! Now our home has a clean, bold, and contemporary aesthetic—exactly what we wanted.”

“Megan was so creative, high energy, and fun to work with!

Let’s transform your home together.