We fashion homes that are effortlessly chic and creatively curated, serving interior design clients all over Southern California, from Long Beach to San Diego to Los Angeles.

We’re a full-service interior design studio based in Southern California.

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Come home to good vibes and a space that’s inspired by what you love.

You already have a pretty good sense of what you like design-wise, even if you lack the expertise to pull your home’s look together in a cohesive way.

You know how you want your home to function, but you feel like a trained creative eye could find even better ways to get the most out of your space. 

And while you LOVE having plenty of options to choose from, as a busy professional, you don’t have time to visit every design center and second-guess yourself on a thousand tiny decisions.


I’ve earned design degrees from San Diego Mesa College and San Diego State University. I’m also an Allied Member of The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Certified Kitchen & Bath Designer (CKBD) through NKBA, and Certified Interior Designer (CID). In addition to being a national award-winning interior designer, I was inducted into NKBA’s 30 Under 30 in 2015.

Design Creds:

As a little girl, I sketched floor plans of my future dream home that I wanted to share with my grade 2 crush, modeled closet systems out of cardboard boxes, and spent hours buried in IKEA catalogues. I know what you’re thinking: Not all of us are lucky enough to find our calling so early!

But not realizing where my creativity could take me, I dove into property management in Pacific Beach, San Diego and earned my CA Real Estate License. While it wasn’t my dream job, it proved to be a valuable business background for managing my clients’ design investments and meeting project deadlines.

Fast forward to when a serendipitous conversation led me to enroll in one of the best interior design programs available, and I finally found my true passion! I realized THIS was my purpose — using my creative gifts to transform peoples’ homes and lives.

Since 2009, I’ve been working in the interior design industry. I’ve interned for a hospitality design company, worked in various furniture and fabric showrooms, and been an interior designer for a design-build firm. I decided to hang out my shingle and launch m studio interior design in 2015. And now I get to do what I love best: Design homes that are totally customized to the clients I work with!

Megan Siason


Embracing my Filipino heritage, I’ll always find room at the dinner table for an extra chair and love to have my home bubbling with laughter and conversation. Today, I’ve taken that hospitable spirit into my business by designing spaces that embody how my clients want their lives to feel.

judy W.

Even though we knew what we wanted for our new build, Megan’s knowledge and expertise helped us come up with even better ideas, cull our options, and make the best design choices for us. She quickly gets on the same page with you and understands what you want, no matter your style. Megan was always available to provide input to our architect and builder, enhancing their vision and designing some of our favorite features in the space including our open-concept kitchen layout, the archway over our stove, and the built-in bookshelves surrounding our fireplace. We’ve already hired her for a second project and recommended her to friends!”

“Megan saved our sanity—we couldn’t have done it without her!

Snort laughing, hands down.

Most Embarrassing Habit?

Casual chic and always paired with some cute heels — anything to give me a few more inches!

Go-to Outfit?

Learning Spanish and cooking new plant-based recipes.

Current Obsessions?

Yoga is my jam!!! I also love reformer pilates, paddle boarding, snowboarding and foosball!

Fave Hobbies?

Overcoming my fear of flying and traveling to over 24 countries... and paying off my student loans 2 years after college graduation!

Proudest Achievement?

I’m the best backup karaoke dancer.

Secret Superpower?

French fries! The crunchier, the better.

Biggest Weakness?

Let’s do a lightning round!


Amanda’s global travels let her experience so many cultural aesthetics — she got hooked on all things interior design. Her jam is supporting designers with admin, marketing, and project management. A compulsive home redecorator and busy bee mom, she can multitask like nobody’s business.

Admin Assistant Extraordinaire


After spending 10 years in the UK as an Account Director for a residential property developer, Melissa became an admin sidekick for designers. When she’s not juggling client projects, she’s juggling twins. She makes a mean lemon cheesecake, loves a good bargain-hunt, and isn’t sorry about living off iced vanilla lattes.

Director of Client Happiness


Amelia is a tech geek who translates my creative ideas into detailed plans through the power of computer-aided drafting. When she’s not whipping up fabulous 3D drawings, she’s beating someone at video games, thinking about her next snack, or finding any excuse to strap on her roller skates.

Detail Drafter and CAD Whiz


Meet My Design Besties

And who could forget our office mascot, Willow! This little fur-munchkin loves sunset walks as much as we do.

We love to laugh with you and have fun on the job! There’s no better stress relief for a big design project than that.


We’re your hype team! We keep a positive attitude and spread kindness wherever we go.


We’re receptive to feedback and invite you to be involved in the decision-making process, so you get what YOU want.


We promise design excellence and detailed follow-through to ensure we hit your deadlines and exceed your expectations. 


We’re straightforward in our communication and transparent about our process, so you’re always in the know.


You want to feel comfortable being a part of the design process. And we want you to feel confident that your needs will be met.

our business values

Induction to NKBA's 30 Under 30 (2015)

National Award Winner at KBIS (2019)